The Council II-3A Junior Golf Development Program is available for all students grades 5 thru 8.  The program session begins on Tuesday, April 25th.

Hosted by Glencoe Golf Club

CII-3A Junior Golf Information – 2017    

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2017 Council II-3A Junior Golf Development Program

    Purpose and Program Design

           Junior Golf Development Program – Glencoe Golf Club

This golf program is designed for middle school students and focuses on having fun while instilling self-confidence and life values in a safe encouraging environment.  Students will learn the fundamentals, etiquette, rules of the game and hone their skills with a PGA instructor.

Students will be placed into JV or Varsity teams based on their grade.

The JV instructional program teaches participants the proper golf setup, swing fundamentals, and the game’s basic etiquette in a fun environment. This level creates a framework for success and establishes a solid foundation for the Varsity program. Students must pass the JV instructional program before moving up to the Varsity program. Instructors will assess and advise the program director on placing students in the appropriate level class.

Although the skills in golf are the same regardless of the student’s age and ability, instructors will evaluate individual students and develop teaching principles appropriate for each student’s current knowledge of the game. The JV programming will act as an introduction to the basic principles of the golf swing and course etiquette. The Varsity programming will focus on more specified learning principles with the golf swing, introduce the rules of golf, and spend more time on the golf course working on course management.

JV Instructional Program:

  • Focus on fundamentals such as posture, grip, and alignment
  • Introduce golf course etiquette and normal protocols at the course (check-in-in, range, etc..)
  • Goal of JV program is to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to tee it up on a course with family and friends
  • Focus on areas that will be tested during the Skills Challenge (Putting, Chipping, Driving)

Varsity Instructional Program:

  • Build on JV programming ideas through advanced practice and instruction.
  • Introduce the Rules of Golf
  • Increased on-course time with a focus on course management, advanced golf etiquette, and a greater focus on competitiveness through games, contests, and on-course events
  • Advanced instruction on areas that will be tested during the Skills Challenge